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Hey, thanks! I was thinking i needed to buy a v6 type, bc of the front end without the lights, so get the one for a gt? If anyone has a specific type with the model number please let me know exactly what to get, ive called a couple of companies, no body wants to send me one b/c they do not know the dementions of the bullitt.

Going great down here. Boudin huh? Well, I will be sure to bring a lot when I go to IN next year in july!

Guess what? I just got my first speeding ticket tonight, no lie. Saw the flash go off while hauling *** down the Johnston street in Lafayette, LA. The aparently moved some cameras around recently! I will post the speed cam picture on here when it comes in the mail. I was upset at first, then realized what I can do with the pic when I get it!
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