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Smile Best Bullitt steering wheel?

Hi all, noob here.

I've been searching for a decent replica steering wheel for my 68' Bullitt project. Can't really justify the silly money asked for a genuine NOS Shelby wheel, but am hoping for something very close. I have even emailed Motolita (who offer a custom made service at reasonable prices) to see if they will make me one. Awaiting the outcome there.

The commonly suggested ones like a Grant or GT3 are just not close enough for my liking... Some don't even have 4 holes per spoke or a nice long, solid looking polished alloy boss. Others have a tiny little horn push that screams WRONGNADO!
I don't expect perfection, but the basics must be right.

I have seen a guy selling modified "the 500" wheels with a Shelby horn button etc. But again it just looks far too different from the Shelby wheels (an obvious fake from 10 yards away) for me.

Anyway found another source that's pretty good? [COLOR="Red"]
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