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Thanks guys. The deep dish 15" has some potential, as I could get it leather wrapped down here in Australia for around $250 USD. Problem is its still only a 3 hole spoke.

At this stage a performance GT3 black foam, is the closest I've found.
perhaps with a nice alloy boss kit and some clever machining of the horn push to allow fitting of a properly sized Shelby emblem, it could work.
Only thing is its black foam rather than stitched leather. But then they do sell a skinnier rimmed wood version that again could be covered here.
So I'll ask the local specialist at leather shoeing steering wheels whats best (diameter wise).

My Motolita query was a dead end. They can replicate the frame to some degree (no more than a cheap GT3 really), but their horn push is nothing like it.

Decisions decisions!

Anyway anyone see something better, let us know...

I would have posted a photo of the GT3 but for some reason I can't?

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