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True, the are not bad. And they are on my list of maybes. Not that much smaller at 14.1" either as I understand the originals were metric (375mm?) and so not quite 15". Those Nardi Classics are a very nice wheel...

Only thing is they are completely flat (Shelby FIV Secura had maybe an inch to 1.5" of dishing) so need a long spacer with the boss and also need to be shoed in black leather. They are already not a cheap wheel ($500 with post), so you are up to maybe $1K by the time you are done. Not that much less than what you can buy an original FIV Secura Mustang wheel for on eBay (one there for $1500 now), and that's the real deal, made to fit, and only needs leather wrapping to be Bullitt perfect.

If Nardi made one in black leather I'd be very interested... So I've emailed them through their Italian website to ask if they would. They do say they do custom wheels but only with minimum run numbers. We'll see.

But thanks, I appreciate you looking and as I say that wheel is on the list of possibles. At present I'm leaning towards making my own from several source. Plan is;

- NOS slightly damaged FIV Secura wood wheel for another make,
- Get it leather bound, then
- Mount it on a polished alloy long boss kit and,
- Fit a Shelby horn push from Brandas.

Should work with any luck, and look right. (?) Gotta get the rumoured wheel first!

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