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Smile Update

Well I bit the bullit (one T) and bought an old FIV Secura wheel in need of a restoration. Having said that its only the wood is cracked in a couple of places and that's completely hidden by the leather wrap that's Bullitt standard. But at least its the right wheel - 1960's FIV Secura with a 3-3/4"dish, just as McQueen fitted in 1968.

The spokes are perfect and the centre is complete, albeit the horn is a bit old looking. So I've bought a new horn lens unit and Shelby emblem from Branda's...
Wasn't cheap but will still be much less than buying one from that place on eBay that sells what they claim are "genuine" Shelby wheels, using what looks a lot like ex FIAT or VW Secura wheels with other peoples boss kits. Some of them don't even have the right dish shape...

Anyway it will be a while before I'll finish it, but I'll post some photos here one day.
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