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Hello, Administrator,

I'd like to get some help to debug a slow performance problem that has been reported by a couple of folks in this thread.

I notice that for the past several weeks, I see "working" icons appearing in the tabs of my Firefox browser when access various pages. For me, I've spent the most time in the Voting Booth section creating new polls in the last few days. While I am able to get information posted, I still see the "blue donuts" indicating that the web page is either still being loaded or waiting on something.

I've previously seen this symptom before when other people had noticed slow performance with forms for replying to posts or creating new posts would take minutes to load. When I worked with the development people, I was able to capture some trace data from the Firefox browser and post it to a trace file capture site so they could download it. They found something in the web page code that was looping, resulting in slow performance.

Would someone please contact me so we can do some debugging and get this issue fixed? It's important at this time because our calendar voting polls need to have people able to use them and not wait minutes to get a response.

Thank you!

Tony Alonso
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