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Originally Posted by RonReam View Post
Loading a site such as this does many more things than most people could imagine.

Links to advertisers, web-use monitors, many more sites that have nothing to do with the Site, but have a Lot to do with monitoring what you are doing.

Like the sites which pop up an advertisement on IMBOC showing the same thing you just surfed Amazon about.

All this takes bandwidth.

Fact of life on a site which places ad-clicks over member satisfaction.

And then if you happen to click on a sub-forum in which someone has posted a lot of large pictures, you may as well go grab a sandwich.

Yes, it does take bandwidth, but I think there is something programatic going on in the background with respect to the click tracking. We've seen this before, where some callouts were taking longer than expected. I helped a couple of folks when saw this, and VerticalScope had to make a change, which eliminated the waiting.

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