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Thought I'd post an excerpt of a post I made of 6G here as it may be of interest to folks regarding Bullitt VINs.

Based on my VIN, I would venture that the Bullitt series will be:

1FA6P8K0xK55xxxxx P8K being the 2019 Bullitt "Option Code".

1FA = Manufacturer - Manuf: Ford Motor Company USA, Make: Ford, Type: Passenger car
6 = Safety - Seat belts and front/side airbags
P8K = Model - Bullitt
0 = Engine - 5.0L 480hp V8 (Bullitt)
x = Check Digit - 0-9 or X
K = Year - 2019 (2018 was J)
5 = Assembler - AAI: Flat Rock, Michigan
5xxxxx = Sequential unit number (unique to Bullitt - non-Bullitt cars appear to be 1xxxxx)

The model codes go as follows:
Mustang EcoBoost Fastback = P8T
Mustang EcoBoost Convertible = P8U
Mustang GT Fastback = P8C
Mustang V8 Convertible = P8F
Mustang V8 Fastback (Bullitt) = P8K

I have VIN listings for both a 2019 GT Fastback and GT Convertible as follows:
V8 Convertible = 1FATP8FFXK51xxxxx
V8 Fastback = 1FA6P8CF6K51xxxxx

With P8K being the Option Code for the Bullitt, the next digit (8th), should be the "Engine Code" and then (9th) the "Check Digit", if I'm not mistaken. So, 0 in mine (Bullitt engine) and F in the GT's (GT 5.0L engine) for the 8th digit.

Another interesting tidbit is that the Option Code P8K appears to have only been used in the past for the previous 2010-2014 Shelby GT500 convertible.

While the original high-performance engine in the 1964-1967 Mustangs was the K code (289 4bbl HiPo V, there was no "K-code" in 1968. The original Bullitt car was a 390 (my understanding a NASCAR 390) and the HiPo 390 for 1968 was a S-code. It appears there will be two (2) K's in the 2019 Bullitt VIN. One for the Year code which is "K" for 2019 and one in the Model Code which is P8K. The 2019 Bullitt engine code is 0, not K.

For some reason, the "K" in the 2019 Bullitt Mustang isn't in the engine code, but (if I understand it correctly) in the "Option Code" that refers to the body and engine. The engine code is the 1st digit after P8K which in my VIN is 0. The engine code digit for the two 2019 GT's that I have VINs for both show "F" for the 5.0L.

Also, for previous Bullitts, they were:
2001 - Model Code = P42 Engine code = X (both unique to the Bullitt)
2008-2009 - Model code = T82 (not unique to the Bullitt) Engine Code = H (common to all 4.6L engines)
2019 - Model Code = P8K Engine code = 0 (both unique to the Bullitt)

Regards, Alan - 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt - DHG w/all options, #90 (VIN - don't know Dash # yet)
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