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A few minor functional mods - any suggestions?

My Bullitt is a fun summer daily driver with fairly high mileage (not a show car or a collector car) so I am not really too interested in appearance mods, but I am considering a few functional mods and would appreciate any advice or suggestions regarding recommended mods or makes of parts etc.

I currently have the following in my shopping cart online at CJ Pony Parts:

Air filter: The car came with a K&N, but I am thinking oem paper filters would be a safer long term solution (filtering more fine particles than the K&N). I live in a semi-rural moderately dusty area.

Rear control arms: I have noticed quite a lot of wheel hop under hard acceleration from rest, and the RCA seems to be a highly recommended option.

Shifter: I find the stock shifter very balky at times. It works well when shifted slowly and gently, but when trying to shift quickly it really sucks. Is the Barton a good choice?

I guess I should add that the car is fairly stock, the only significant changes so far are the FRS 500 axle back exhaust and 255/45-18 Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires. My goal is to achieve maximum performance on a low budget and maintain stock appearance and stock ride height.

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