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Put the KR's on and enjoy Bullitt's new music! It will turn heads!
But beware the temptation of modding the motor next. Unintended consequences of vehicle modification will occur! (This is an absolute law!) As mrt2you states, set your goals.
Plan your performance mods from the bottom up, and then around the engine before entering the motor or computer. That 62mm TB is pretty and the FR Hot Rod Cams sound nice but they have a lot of unintended negative consequences.
What do you want? Smooth cruiser, canyon carver, drag racer, road course driver or a money pit?
First tires, going from OEM 235/50/18 to 255/45/18, which is actually the correct size for the Bullitt 8.5" wide rim, giving a .75"+/- wider footprint, more grip, and keeping the speedometer accurate.
Next brakes. Steve68Cougar has the best idea for using the '11-'14 GT brake upgrade on the front (the one where it just takes a different bracket and a slightly larger rotor using the Bullitt OEM calipers). The larger rotor is a better heat sink, brought on by the Coyote 5.0 motor. Then brake pads for your driving style. Stainless steel brake lines at this point. Change over to DOT 4 brake fluid.
Rear LCA with brackets. The wheel hop sucks in the OEM suspension, especially on turns.
Next do the 1 piece aluminum driveshaft, eliminating shift clunk, and freeing up torque. Then a better shifter, as the OEM is junk.
These are lower cost upgrades you will feel and enjoy them.
Then get into the suspension, for your needs. The Bullitt OEM suspension is a step above a GT. But get a total package, not piecemeal, for your needs.
08 Bullitt is over 10 years. New performance radiator, FRPP fan, silicone radiator hoses, spark plugs, coils, battery, performance water pump, rebuild the diff clutch pack, finned diff cover, etc. Then think about opening the motor.
PS- To fully enjoy the 62mm TB and FR Hot Rod Cams involves the FRPP intake manifold($) and long tube headers($). Then a professional tune($), not a canned tune...
Save modding the motor and tune for last.

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