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Yes! It is amazing stuff. I thought it might be BS at first, but there were so many testimonials on Facebook from real people to deny it. I bought a small bottle at first to give it a try. Loved it so much that I bought 2 gallons and some extra spray bottles from Amazon and distributed to my friends. It's almost too good to be true. It goes on EVERYTHING! Once you get a good coat on there it is easy to maintain. You'll never have to "wax" your car again. My cars stay cleaner, longer, and all I have to do is wipe it down and it looks freshly waxed again. It lasts a good while too. I'd say 6 months if you have shelter. But really, you'll find yourself addicted to applying it more often because it saves you so much time.

Edit: And you'll never have to worry about getting wax residue on your blacks and cracks!
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