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I actually have been looking at the Steve McQueen Edition wheels, which are also 20", for my '19 because like the wheels you mention, they have more of the throwback look. There definitely are several considerations with the wheels you mention, one of them being that there are no staggered sizes of them. Secondly, as mentioned above, you do trade off a bit of ride comfort. Third, if you have the MagneRide suspension, that's another things to keep in mind since it was tuned with the staggered 19" setup and the wheel weight in mind. I happen to have the standard suspension, but even going to the 20s, I would have to think really hard about changing them because I like the stock set-up.

Should you change to these wheels, you definitely will achieve the more vintage look. I don't think that's a bad thing!

There is someone who turned his '18 Mustang GT at the Richard Petty Garage into a '19 Bullitt tribute with those wheels. It looks good!

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