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Originally Posted by greenbull4439 View Post
Yea those darn BMW drivers!

This group, Chin Motorsports, does a ton of track events at Sebring; have you ever run with them?

What is the best time of year to run at Sebring? Assuming like Texas June through the beginning of September is brutal?
Ahh, Sebring, the Mt Olympus home of the Track Gods. Since the demise of Track Guys, I run Sebring with NASA FL, a great club to run with, strict and safe.
Chin FL is higher priced for Sebring. They sell out quickly. And Chin FL attracts the S FL money, meaning new very new High Horsepower rides with beginner drivers. An 01 would be an antique. I have not run with Chin.
But at Sebring summer with NASA FL, get a garage and it is tolerable. Yes, You need to run Sebring! I'll run with you there. Just beware turn 1, 7 and 17! And getting lost on the back stretches.

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