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Bullitt to GS Corvette

Well, I hope no one will bash me for buying my first ever Corvette and never in a 100 yrs would I have thought this was possible considering how fond I have always been of the mustang but I have turned a new chapter in my life. About 3 mos ago I saw an incredible deal on a GS Corvette and was curious so I decided to go for a test drive.

Damnit! I have now been bitten by the unthinkable. Long story short I traded my Bullitt for a 19 GS Corvette that checks all the boxes and some. I only wished I could have kept the Buliitt as well but that wasn't possible as it is an awesome mustang but coming from the gt350 I felt something was missing from my life and the GS Corvette filled that void end of story. I will check in from time to time to see what is going on. Take care!
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