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Cool My 2001 BULLITT

As I looked through Craig's list yesterday, I noticed a 2001 BULLITT for sale in Virginia. As I read the ad, OMG! it was my 2001 #0159!

I sold the car as I remember in 2008 to a fellow in Virginia. It was registered on IMBOC. Evidently, the owner sold it to another Virginia resident but not registered to the new owner on IMBOC.

Anyways, I was happy to see that my 2001 BULLITT has been pampered and high and dry since I sold it. The car now has 7300 miles on it.

I bought the car from the original owner in Hanover, PA. At the time, it had about 2000 miles on it. It was a great car after I had the 1-2 grind fixed and a new fuel pump installed.

When the 2008 came out, I sold it and bought a 2008.

After a 2010 Shelby GT500 (Got that out of my system) , I now have a 2009 BULLITT.....

Again......nice to see my car was well taken care of over the years.....I hope it stays that way with the next owner!


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