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Originally Posted by ShowCar View Post
Sorry its been a while. The options mine has are as follows,
Bullitt Electronics Package
Magna-ride Suspension

The previous owner had all the build sheets, window sticker, and 2 Bullitt brochures. Even the wheel locks were in a bag and never installed. My Mode and garage door opener were never set up either. I paid less than $43,000 for it. To me it was worth every penny because the car still smelled like new. A older gentleman owned it. It had 1,100 miles on it and now has over 2,000 miles on it and Ive had it about three weeks. I ceramic coted the whole car with Opti-Coat ( I own a detail shop) and have window tint going in very soon. Love the car! Pictures can be found below.[email protected]/
Looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Did you get a cover too?

Originally Posted by BULLITT02734 View Post
Sorry for the delayed response. So, I just got mine back from the dealer. Have three issues with transmission and one engine noise concern.

This is what those issues are along with their current stance on them:

1. Most concerning (now that they think they know what issue # 3 issue is) - harsh, crunchy 1st to 2nd shift. Tech said yes, for sure it’s there. Much worse when cold. Improves slightly when vehicle has been driven and transmission is at operating temp. Never goes completely away. Tech is their resident “transmission guy” at a fairly high-volume Mustang dealer and says that the only thing Ford has allowed them to do for this was change the fluids so far and that helps some but in ones he has seen as bad as mine it never “fixes” it so he elected to leave mine alone until issues 2&3 are dealt with.

2. Often hard to engage 3rd gear out of a 4000 rpm + shift. Feels tight. He says that is the nature of this transmission unfortunately but says I should be thankful I don’t have an early one as they were much worse. Basically said wait till it breaks. Really concerning seeing how in exactly one year of ownership I have only 5,000 kms on it.

3. This one is the stumper and has me worried that a) maybe he hasn’t seen enough Mustang transmissions of this generation to really know what is goin on and b) Ford is compensating for a known issue. The transmission has a rattling or ratcheting sound and feel coming out of a 2-3 and 3-4 shift while mildly spirited driving. Really worrisome noise. Higher the rpm shift it is, the worse it is. Sounds mechanical for sure. First time I was in for this problem they said to play with the traction control and rev matching. I did, no difference. Nothing at all to do with tire grip or traction control. Today he puts it on the hoist and shows me they think it is an issue with the counterweight on the right side of the transmission. What worries me is he has never seen or noticed one of these on them before. It is loose where it connects with a pin on the outside to a rod into the internals. I’ll take a pic once I get it up on my rack at home here. Looks like an upside down ‘T’, painted black. If you grab it you can see play in the pin and it makes a very similar noise to what you hear in the car.

4. Engine has a slapping sound coming from passenger side rear of engine (firewall almost) when cold started. Increases with engine rpm and eventually smoothes out but really loud at idle then goes away when hot. This is not the standard coyote engine tick. I have had 4 of these blocks in my F150s and have heard that tick in all of those and other Mustangs and this Bullitt has that tick too. This is a slapping sound. Flutters even. They confirmed it and are waiting to talk to Ford Engineers on it and the transmission issue #3

Will keep updating this thread. Maybe even start one in mechanical issues section in the event no one would think to look here if they are having similar concerns.

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Thanks, have started a thread for you here:
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