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FL BLLTT makes 20!

BLLTT left N FL home stable Sunday week ago. Hoosierblackbullitt met BLLTT in lower IN. Both cantered to Gingerman, DRIVING 2 days Mohawk Track Experince, along with 2 other Bullitts on Day 1. GRAND FUN!
Was then going to head home stable. Paul tempted BLLTT Driver with further experiences at Woodward Dream Cruise and Mustang Memories. She Who Must Be Obeyed granted blessing. Started tracking socks, underwear and jean's day worn count... Free T-shirts filled in!
At Mustang Alley, was a member of Paul's posse, as he worked the Big Folks for support of next year's Mohawk Track Experience. Learned secrets of the Mustang's future, I am sworn to secrecy... but cheap!
At Mustang Memories, got to SELL Mohawk Track Experience track crack for next year. In my element! As Hollowpoint affirms, I am a very bad man, for all the track addictions I have caused.
Finally, Sunday, had to head south. The moveable feast was over. Overnighted Monday in Knoxville TN and had dinner with a fellow track addict who I met at Sebring 5 years ago, not quite a Hoondogger yet. But I am working on that...I am a bad man.
Then stopped Tuesday at Chuck and Renee's for a visit. Have to get my Renee time when passing thru Byron GA. Chuck reminded me about the Somerset event, with the hero Bullitt, Alex's documentary and Bullitt movie. The FL Bullitthead gathering this upcoming weekend had been cancelled. Hmmm...
Called the Very Significant Other, who needs a Bullitthead roadtrip! YES!
Grabbed a hotel room at the Comfort Inn. (If you want to see the true definition of extortion, check the rate of the Somerset Marriott...)
1 day home to happen. Laundry. Flip BLLTT from a DRIVEN 2550 mile very dirty track & road tripper back to a clean cruiser. But LT Frank Bullitt drove a dirty...
Bullitthead road trip! #20 at Somerset! Just bringing it!
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