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FYI:Just did a cursory search of new Bullitts for sale at a few local dealerships. I searched 8 Ford dealerships that butt up against each other along the State Route 99 corridor (Central valley California). I found 35 new Bullitts in inventory for sale. Most were advertised at MSRP. Only one or two dealerships were advertising $500-$1000 off of MSRP. All the dealerships had two or more 2019 Bullitts in inventory in both colors. IMHO it appears there is a serious glut of inventory out there. This is even before the new 2020's imminent release. I believe that if one waits longer, there will be some great deals to be made. Searching the internet the lowest new Bullitt I saw were Black colored ones in Florida for $44,000 and change. I think with this amount on inventory, by January 2020 and beyond, new 2019 Bullitt could be obtained under $40,000.
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