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Jack Baruth:

The saddest part of this is that the Mustang II made money for Ford, but the Mach-E is less of a functional business proposition than a sacrifice to the Molochian deity of modern progressive and collectivist thought. Everybody at the Detroit automakers, and at all the other automakers, knows that electric cars in their current form are a complete fantastical piece of nonsense; they hoover up rare and strategic materials from supply chains that make OPEC look like your friendly neighborhood tree farm while placing massive drains on national electric grids that currently don’t appear adequate to the task of powering all the PlayStations in California. The electric emperor isn’t just naked, he’s stark-raving mad. If you’re foolish enough to point this out, you get a one-way helicopter ride out of the investor class.

Electric cars, like a surprising and dismaying number of other social trends at the moment, have almost no popular support but are nonetheless considered “inevitable” by the media/government/industrial complex. The plain fact is that they are niche products — and they will remain niche products until at least three separate miracles happen in their production, distribution, and refueling. This should inspire Ford to be as cautious as possible, but instead it is taking the one nameplate it has left with any equity—Mustang—and slapping it on what looks like exactly the same vehicle everyone else is developing.

I’ve noticed for a while now that a surprising number of people in the car business are actively ashamed of what they do for a living. The gasoline-powered automobile has done more to improve our lives than almost any other individual invention known to man, but it’s also seen as a low-class, stinking, hopelessly ignorant amusement of the proletariat by the chattering classes who can’t get enough of completely meaningless bibelot trinkets like the AirPods or Airbnb. These people cannot understand our attachment to the automobile, and since they cannot understand it, they fear it. Since they fear it, they have sworn to destroy it. No doubt the heretical aspect of calling this vehicle a “Mustang” is a feature and not a bug to a whole class of individuals who despise the American love affair with the car and who delight in anything that helps destroy that love affair. It’s not that they don’t care about our emotional involvement with Mustangs, it’s that they are actively working to tear that involvement down.
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