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Jeff'sBullitt 03-17-2007 03:10 AM

Convoy to Tulsa through California
Hi All,

would anyone be interested in forming a convoy from Southern California to the '07 Nationals in Tulsa? We live in Tehachapi, Ca. which is about 40 miles East of Bakersfield on Highway 58. We would love to join a caravan to the Nationals. If anyone is interested in forming a convoy somewhere in our general area (within even a couple of hundred miles or so) please post to this thread.


p.s. thanks Droopysbullitt

1968medic 04-19-2007 01:54 AM

I will keep you informed!! If I am going to make it, I will be a litttle slow. I will have mine on a trailer. I am coming from Santa Barbara. I will have to roll thru you town.

Jeff'sBullitt 04-26-2007 05:16 PM

Convoy to Tulsa Through Oklahoma
You probably won't remember me but my wife and I met you at the Bullitt Nats last year in SF. Sounds like you fixed your engine problem (we were really sorry that you had such a terrible experience on the way to SF). We plan to spend a day or two in Laughlin (which is about 30 miles off of I-40 near Needles). Would you be interested?

Let me know your timing and maybe we could meet you in Needles if you don't want to stop. We plan to start out on 6/10 and would stay over in Laughlin 6/10 and 6/11, depart Laughlin 6/12 early and drive through Needles.


Jeff'sBullitt 05-16-2007 04:41 PM

Convoy from California through Oklahoma
1968 Medic,

Haven't heard from you. Did you still want some company or have your plans changed?

Let us know.

Jeff and Gina

1968medic 05-16-2007 06:13 PM

Well it looks as if my plans have changed. I am going thru a divorce and an nasty child custody battle right know. I think I would not shine in court if I went to Tulsa to drag race my car over Fathers Day Weekend!! I am seriously bummed out. I didn't realize it was fathers day until about 2 weeks ago. Unless the world flipps upside down I think I have to pass on this years Nats. I guess I have 12-13 months to make plans for next years!!! If by slight chance things go I will get in touch with you.

Jeff'sBullitt 05-18-2007 02:56 AM

Sooo sorry to hear about your split . Especially tough when you have children. Hope all goes in your favor. See you next year.


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