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Deuce 05-05-2019 11:48 AM

Cinco de Mayo car show
Other than enduring polkas and other music I'm not particularly fond of, this was a decent show. I think I had the best spot I've ever had at a car show. It never really cleared up during the day, but when the sun did come out it was stifling heat and humidity.

I like big station wagons. Reminds me of when we were kids packed in them.

A friend in high school had one identical to this. Down to the wheels.

An older couple brought these. One of them won a trophy, but I'm not sure which one. Voting system was screwy. DAMN RUSSIANS! :p

This is this kid's first Mustang. He didn't bring a chair with him, and I had 2, so I had him join me. He has plans to cam and pro charge it.

Some people take their Transformers a little too seriously.

I call the guy that owns this "Buy it and show it George." He buys these vehicles already done, then drives them (or trailers them, mostly) to shows. Not what I call the true Hot Rod spirit.

This was my favorite car of the show. Super nice guy out of California (of course.)

greenbull4439 06-17-2019 11:18 AM

A little late to the part here. Some nice rides! Good job with the extra chair, remember forgetting mine at a few cars shows and it can be brutal.

Cam and supercharge the v6? Sounds exactly like my dreams when I got my first Mustang. A 2004 v6 5 speed. Man I thought I was cool!

Deuce 06-23-2019 12:39 PM

He seemed like a good kid, Kurtis. I hope he gets a chance to do what he wants to do.

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