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badasbullitt 06-19-2019 07:57 PM

Bullitt to GS Corvette
Well, I hope no one will bash me for buying my first ever Corvette and never in a 100 yrs would I have thought this was possible considering how fond I have always been of the mustang but I have turned a new chapter in my life. About 3 mos ago I saw an incredible deal on a GS Corvette and was curious so I decided to go for a test drive.

Damnit! I have now been bitten by the unthinkable. Long story short I traded my Bullitt for a 19 GS Corvette that checks all the boxes and some. I only wished I could have kept the Buliitt as well but that wasn't possible as it is an awesome mustang but coming from the gt350 I felt something was missing from my life and the GS Corvette filled that void end of story. I will check in from time to time to see what is going on. Take care!

pwd72s 06-19-2019 08:27 PM

I'd say it's good if you can fill a void with a car.

ARMY TC 06-19-2019 10:18 PM

Congrats on the Corvette! I'm sure you enjoyed the BULLITT......but it's not the only great car in the world!

I've had a number of different cars.....enjoyed most of them. But, sometimes I get tired and move on.

The new Corvette is a super car for the money.

If I was younger.....I would buy one.....

Enjoy! Enjoy!!!


Tony Alonso 06-19-2019 10:36 PM

Good luck with your new car. I am closet Corvette fan who has wanted one ever since the first ZR1 came out in the C4 generation. I like the GS in the C7 line a lot!

ZEN357 06-20-2019 09:45 AM

I went from an 01 Bullitt to a 2016 Challenger R/T Plus. Love the 6-Speed. No bashing here!

JackDW - 852 06-20-2019 12:54 PM

:grin2: You'll be back. >:) You have had too many Bullitt just to be able to walk away.

Congratulation. Those are great cars. For me, just doesn't fit the bill any more. Wifey is already talking about trading here 2010 Mustang for a more luxury car. We're getting to the age that getting in and out can be a challenge.

sganow 06-20-2019 01:57 PM

I absolutely love those new GS Corvettes! Congrats and enjoy!!!!

What color? Any pics?

badasbullitt 06-20-2019 05:22 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Thanks to all as this was no easy decision but I never thought I would get bitten either.

Jack, you are never too old to own a Corvette! Browse the corvette forum sometime and look at the photos and the rest will speak for itself. Its mind of matter!

I will pop in from time to time. Btw I listed my car cover for sale if anyone is interested as well as a few other items.

I have included a few photos...the lighting really took away from the true color as the metallic flake really pops....Shadow Gray Batmobile


haberrj 06-20-2019 05:30 PM

Congrats on the Corvette, they are a great car, I also have a ZR1 sitting beside my 08 Bullitt. I have a strong attachment to both cars as they are great in their own way enjoy, drive the wheels off of it.

bullitt19 06-20-2019 06:43 PM

No bashing here. Change is good for the soul. I went from Vette to Bullitt. Love both cars. It's a beauty. Have fun.

Iceman62 06-21-2019 09:18 AM

She's a beaut - congrats & enjoy that sweet ride!

FarmerDon 06-21-2019 09:56 AM

:D Beautiful car. I have a friend with a red 2015. He bought new and I had a time folding up to get in it! But boy will that car scoot!!

greenbull4439 06-21-2019 10:58 AM

Oh man looks just like one I ate up at the track! Love the vette, always wanted a C5 zo6 in yellow with the black accents!

sganow 06-21-2019 01:34 PM

Beautiful car! I'm jealous!!! ;)

pwd72s 06-21-2019 03:04 PM

Off to throw rocks at my '09 Bullitt. (Not really) I'm with others here...reached the age where more luxury, quiet and comfort is appealing. Thinking maybe Lexus next time..if there is a next time.

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