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I will be the 5th owner of this car. The first owner only had it 6 months. The second owner had it for about 7 years and put 20 thousand miles on it in that time. The third owner had it for about 5 years and sold it with 85 thousand. The 4th owners have had it since 2015 and it just turned 100 thousand miles somewhere between June 18th and 22nd of 2018. I'll be picking it up the week of June 25-29 but I'm not sure which day yet. As of my purchase it is still very stock. It has no fog lights, stock grille, no chin spoiler and even the stock shifter!. I'm changing all of that. There are lots of plans but I typically do stuff in phases and each phase might last a few years. The first phase will be just making sure it is mechanically sound. I'll do shocks, struts, loaded A Arms, tie rods, hubs, brakes, rubber brake lines, coils, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter and all fluids. Somewhere in there, it has to have an MGW shifter with the long handle as well. It needs a radio so I'll do that too. I want one with Nav but my phone does a good job of that these days so it's not necessary. phase two will be the normal stuff like adding fog lights, chin spoiler and grille delete. phase 3 would be a full exhaust and weld in subframe connectors. Phase 4 is as follows. Cobra R or equivalent front brake upgrade. I have a set of 18x9 and 18x10 10th anniversary cobra wheels in my attic that should fit. I bought them on a black friday sale from american muscle for $300. They'll most likely receive 275/35s and 285/35s. I might change that up and get staggered 18" Bullitt wheels though because that is such a good look. It might get a Cobra IRS, I'm not sure about that. I do know it will get lowered a little bit from stock. I'd also like to do the 03/04 cobra rear bumper with the cobra letters replaced with "mustang" like the prototype bullitt and a 99/01 cobra front bumper. There are some companies selling nice splitters now and I like that look so I'll probably get one of them. The interior won't get much, maybe some different seats and steering wheel. I might end up with some carbon fiber trim bits, but if I do, I'll mist them in DHG then bury in clear coat. I kind of want a different hood and the cobra R is appealing but i feel it might hurt visibility a bit. I know I can see a lot less in right corners in my Mach than the 01 gt I used to have. The engine won't get anything but good maintenance.
2001 Ford Mustang (Green)


MSD coils which I'll change back to stock ones. Otherwise stock
Stock, it needs a new radio
Wheel and Tire



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