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General Information

F O R D -
M U S T A N G - F A S T B A C K
Exterior IVY GREEN / Interior IVY GOLD
6FC09C124463 "C-code"
DSO Detroit, manufactured in Dearborn, rust was probably from 1967 on. "Restored" Victoria British Columbia approximate year 2005, restoration fraudulent in terms of body repair, phrase "certified rust free car". Rust areas were covered with thin tin plate welded, feathered into the floor pan, firewall, and wheel wells. New rear fenders were laid over existing (which were cut off mid-way down, making an inside trunk seam) then feathered back in at top edges, exterior. Floor, wells, firewall painted heavy thick semi-gloss black (POR15 ?).
C code. Anything can be done with it, provided good judgement, increase its value.
Factory configuration: "Challenger" V8 2-bbl, 3-on-floor standard manual synchromesh, 2.80. Standard interior (Parchment and Ivy Gold). Armstrong power steering. When I found out the true condition of the's in shop...still. Active project.
1966 F O R D - M U S T A N G - F A S T B A C K (Exterior IVY GREEN / Interior IVY GOLD)


Ford Motor 351W V8, either three 2-bbl Rochesters, or four 2-bbl Webers (still working on detail). Roller rockers. Color gold valve covers, color black engine block/heads per 1965 engine colors, coordinates with Ivy Gold interior. "Electronic ignition". Magnaflow exhaust system, Hooker Headers. Battery trunk mount.

Export brace coupled with tubular fender-to-firewall then cross brace front, 1966 Mustang convertible stock.

Transmission: 5 speed manual (T-5).
factory with rallye-pac (RPM/clock)
modern paint (factory color "Ivy Green") and "red" primer...instead of "muddy grey".
Mustangs manufactured in San Jose were primed red, those manufactured in Dearborn and Metuchen were primed grey.
Love the way "red" looks from below.
West Coast car, now.

There is inconsistency regarding name of paint color within Ford Motor literature 1966. Sometimes color "Dark Metallic Green"

factory AM radio.
Front: Griggs Racing GR40 k-member, SLA, steering

Rear: Griggs Racing custom 3-link (torque arm). Posi-trac (mini-spool) 3.55 differential.

Griggs Racing GR40 fully adjustable (ride ht. and luxury ride to full race firm) shock absorbers

Griggs Racing custom sub-frame floor pan.
Wheel and Tire
American Racing Torque Thrust Classic 8X15, 60 series Goodyear.



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