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  1. Ohio
    One bad a$$ car, is all I can say! Authenticated 2008 Bullitt with 88k miles. All original and if not I have the original. New SR performance suspension with new PP bushings front and rear. Comes with Bama tuner kit. Always garaged but driven every weekend. Winters excluded. I’m not going to...
  2. Swap Meet
    I lost my 2008 Bullitt with 9500 miles in the (Northern California) Tubbs Fire in 2017. The only components I was able to salvage off the car is the exhaust system. The H-pipe and both cat converters are fine as are both mufflers along with one of the exhaust pipes. The other exhaust pipe has...
  3. Steve's Car Lot
    #3087 is for sale Black - Stock 145,000 miles Runs great no issues Maintenance has been consistent No damage other than small road chips It was my daily driver because I couldn’t imagine drive anything else. I can’t drive it anymore $13,500 OBO Text 480-292-1566 Denver area
  4. Steve's Car Lot
    2008 DHG Bullitt for sale. 2008 Mustang Bullitt that I have owned for last 7 years 94,000 miles currently Mod list: Ford Racing hot rod cams, steeda underdrive pullies, JLT CAI, GT500 throttle body, long tube headers, off road x pipe, slp loud mouth axle back, Barton shifter, tuned on 93...
  5. Steve's Car Lot
    Hi everyone, I've been reading in the forum for quite a while as a non-Bullitt owner and think it's about time to start looking to find one for myself. I keep checking craigslist and other websites but so far I haven't seen what I'm looking for, so I wanted to see if people in this forum...
  6. 08/09 Bullittproof
    I decide to create thread to dedicated to pictures of our Mustang Bullitt's. Post as many pictures as you want, as much as you want. No limits here. 2001 Bullitt's are obviously welcome. I figured that since we don't have a comprehensive grouping of photos, this thread can do just that to keep...
1-6 of 6 Results