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  1. 2019 speakers

    19/20 Discussion
    Has anyone had a problem with their speakers? Yesterday I noticed an odd sound coming from the rear passenger side of my 19 Bullitt. I wasn't sure what it was and thought it was something on the radio. Today it is very obvious that the speaker is blown. I don't listen to my music very loud so...
  2. Complementary Sync 3 Navigation Update

    19/20 Discussion
    I just downloaded a Complementary navigation update for my 19 bullitt, from here It seems they have finally come out with a map update for sync 3 navigation units. I checked my VIN and ESN, and it said it was complementary. I also checked my brother in law's 18...
  3. Custom Accessories for the 2019 Bullitt

    19/20 FAQ
    Has anyone heard of any business selling custom radiator covers for the 19 Bullitt? The one I went to for my 08 doesn't seem to exist anymore.