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forged internals

  1. 2001 BLK Bullitt #66 for sale - highly modified 12993 miles

    Steve's Car Lot
    Time to part with number 66. I am the original owner. Mods are too long to list here so those interested can email me at [email protected] for pics and stats. Located in Houston, TX Quick readers digest list of mods: Turbocharged Terminator aluminum block all forged motor with TFS 2 valve...
  2. Advice on Forged Internals

    08/09 Mods
    I am looking at making somewhere in the neighborhood of 440hp at 7500 rpm, do I need to be looking into forged internals? If so what are peoples thoughts on Eagle crank and connecting rod and Mahle forged pistons? I am looking at recreating this kit but with my block...