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  1. 01 Mods
    I want to put a heat extractor hood similar to 1968 fastback style. However, will that be bad for my cold air intake???
  2. 08/09 Mods
    Who manufactures the best 1968 “Bullitt” Retro Style Hood? I searched a lot of websites, etc. Trufiber?
  3. 08/09 Mods
    Hello, first time starting a new thread on this site. I decided that when I pay off my student loans (35k left), I'm going to reward myself with a little gift from American Muscle. And since I have a very long time until that happens, I figured I'd do a little research... Does anybody have this...
  4. 01 Discussion
    Looking for cowl style hoods or a 03-04 cobra hood. I have the stock 01 DHG Bullitt hood i can trade also. I'm in the middle of a cobra swap and the blower and return fuel system regulator will not allow the stock hood to clear. === This is an automatically generated message === This is my...
1-4 of 4 Results