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  1. New Hooniverse Article- 2001 Bullitt in San Francisco

    01 Discussion
    Here's an article I wrote for Hooniverse that just came out. Wife and I took some pretty good photos too. Bullitt Time: San Francisco in a 2001 Mustang Bullitt; 50 years later*|*Hooniverse We finally took #3729 to San Francisco and to some of the filming locations from the movie. Childhood...
  2. 2018 50th Anniversary of Bullitt

    Bullitt Nationals and Events
    I was looking and couldn't find any 50th anniversary of Bullitt event planned. Anybody know if there are plans to do something in SF again? Or somewhere else? I wanted to see if there was interest in an event poster like the 45th one I did. If so, I want to start the conversation and get people...