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  1. 01 Mods
    Hi guys, my baby has been sitting for over 2 years now and I just dropped $5000 on a deposit to start rebuilding her engine told the shop I want complete forged bottom end with around 9.5 compression, ARP everything and long tubes. he’s trying to sell me on the idea of an on3 turbo kit, but...
  2. Steve's Car Lot
    Time to part with number 66. I am the original owner. Mods are too long to list here so those interested can email me at [email protected] for pics and stats. Located in Houston, TX Quick readers digest list of mods: Turbocharged Terminator aluminum block all forged motor with TFS 2 valve...
  3. Meet and Greet
    Hello, not new to the site but new to post.getting ready to upgrade the Bulitt with a turbo from Hellion. Wanted to see if the community had some tips since I want to upgrade the internals. Pistons, rods, etc. any help and suggestions would be great. === This is an automatically generated...
1-3 of 3 Results