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01+ M3 Smokes Me

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Driving 90/94 through WI on my way home. Beautiful, warm winter day. Silver 01+ M3 (aren't they all?) up ahead.
I want to check it out, so move up through light traffic. Guy wants to play. We are going around 70-75, and he floors it. I can barely keep up. Speed up, slow down like this for a while. His car is much faster, as it should be. A Cobra may be able to keep up, given its higher output V8, but a Bullitt or GT can not outrun one. Fun race, though, and not embarrassing.
For a car that cost three times what I paid for my broke-in ride, it out to be faster. Nicest BMW there is, in my mind. You family folks can settle for an M5, give me an M3!
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I'll take the M8 that was showcased on Speed TV the other day. Then again, I'll take an M3 if someone is willing to "drop" one by.
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