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'01 Plugs & Wires?

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I've researched this site and can't find advice on what Plugs and wires are good / best for DHG 1835. She's at 114k and it's time. Any ideas on best Plugs and wires and where to get them?
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I just changed Plugs and wires on my '01 Tacoma TRD then still had a misfire on cyl 3 so I changed that one coil and she's running perfect. No misfires on the Bullitt but some stuttering. Generally I do Plugs and wires together. Thanks.
Did my Plugs this weekend . followed the excellent write up at Bullitt Archives. Old Plugs looked healthy except gap had grown to .060 (.054 is correct.) Runs great w new Plugs. COPs are fine. Next job, fuel filter.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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