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I registered a few days ago but this is the first chance i have had to post. Got my pride and joy on June 11 in Indianapolis. I've been reading everyones posts and have my 2 cents to add on a couple of issues.
1. I have a ticking noise but it is definitely the injectors.
2. checked my tranny bolts and they are nice and tight but I think I'll take it in just to be safe.(paranoid):)

No major mods yet but after reading all of the positive feedback about the densecharger I guess I'll have to get one.

Well this is getting way too long.
But I would like to thank everyone for posting thus far, you have all given me quite an education on my college graduation present to my self. Thanks very much
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1 other thing
I'm always going by Kenny Brown's shop on Gasoline Alley and took a look at the new STB I think it will fit nicely under the hood and I think they also may be toying with an enhanced program for our cars. I will post what I find out. (going by tomorrow)
Take care

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