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i would ASSuME that you have a 100% stock motor.
i hope they explained this to you after the install.
at 493hp you are right under the edge where the stock rods and other motor parts turn into 2 piece parts.
whatever you do keep the rpms down and make sure you have good gas.
also be careful you don't miss a shift under load. the stock lower OP gears and lower crank timing gear like to shatter under boost.

i have a Department Of Boost intake with TVS 2.3 blower on a .020 over forged motor. make 650 rwhp on pump 93.
i have also assisted in helping about 15 other people install DOB intake with the GT500 M122 sc, basically the same HP type SC as the eldebrock one.
i have also helped install new motors in 7 of them after they puked.

have fun carefully
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