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08 bullitt wheels & tires for sale

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08 bullitt wheels & tires for sale, no b/s i drove the car home from the dealership with these on, no burnouts, have like 10 miles on them.:cool: they are factory 18"s im thinkin 2grand for the set, lemme know what you guys think. thank you
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replaced em with these 20"s

i put these on the day after i bought the car, so the stockers have like 10 miles on them
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If I'm not mistaken the stock wheels are around $300 each. The tires are around $100 each. You may be a little steep. :smile:

The new wheels look good. They'll will always have a place in my heart.

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Those 20's look hot, too bad they don't make them to match the color of the new Bullitt wheels.
ok so $1400 for the set a good price? thanx 736
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