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Last major Up-Date are these Posts

Oct. 2011

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March 29, 2011
This Link will take you to the Newest Post
on the "tigermachine".
It ia about changing to the
Boss R 19" Wheels, GT-500 Brakes Complete.
Hurst Shifter Mod with MGW Mechanism.
Steeda Ultra-Lite Springs.

This is the "Link" to the LAST Change made to the "tigermachine"

This is as of January 24, 2011.
New Saleen Stroked 302 Engine
along with other Major Changes.
Click on Link directly below to go to the

The tigermachine is being Raced this (Week) in

Bowling Green, KY. at

"The Ford World Finals"

June 2010

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Post #1 You are on:
There are "9" Total Post here to read

The 1st Post here that you are on "NOW".

Post #2 Link is Below:
Then Post #432

the Link Below in "Black" will take you "Directly" to it

Post #3 Link is Below:

The 3rd Post is #685

Done on Jan. 27, 2010

Link is Below in Black

Post #4 Link is Below:
The 4th Post is #781
Completed on Feb. 10, 2010

Click on the Link Below in Yellow:

Post #5 Link is Below:

493.41 RWHP Bullitt
Done on May 22nd, 2010

Post #6 Link is Below:

Last Up-Date is June 10, 2010

Post #7 Link is below

Last Up-Date is July 31, 2010
This Post is about adding
Eleanor Grille & Halo Fog Lights
Post #8 Link is below
Last up-date is August 15, 2010
This Post is about adding
the GT/CS
Front & Rear Fascias.

Link to Post #9 below
Last Brenspeed trip 12/29/2011 coverage ...
GT500 Rear End Assembly
BMR Lower control arm relocation brackets
JDM Transmission catch can

This is where it all began Below.
After you See & Read this Post
then you "Click" on the other
to get to eack "Change".

Video of the
"574.74" New Flywheel H/P
as of
Jan. 03, 2010
2008 Bullitt Mustang

This Post is going to be for those that would like to See & Read
about Mods.
Also, for those that simply LUV Fast Mustangs.

I picked BRENSPEED in Pierceton, IN. to do my 08 Bullitt Mustang.
I would recommend them to anyone. They are a 1st class operation.

They also offer their Guest House to Out-of-State customers that
are traveling long distance. A simple phone call 1-574-594-9559
will "Reserve" it.

Here are Pics of the Guest House.

I stayed at the Guest House while the Bullitt was being Modded.
There was at times two Techs. (Mike & Dave) working on the Bullitt
at different times. Mike (Primary Tech) started on the Bullitt as soon
as they opened and stopped when they closed. He took a Very-Small
lunch break and was right back to work. Dave also as I said worked
on it some while Mike was working on a different area.

1st row
tiger & Karen White (Ms. Brenspeed)
2nd row
Ron, Fran, John, Rick & Brent White (Mr. Brenspeed)

Tigerhonaker's Mod-List
This has Been Up-dated

Also Added
Twin 63.5mm bore (stock SVT Mustang is twin 60mm)
Last Pics Below on Build
Dave in the background taping up the hood

Dave laying stencil on hood & marking where to Exactly-Cut for Shaker

Dave cutting hood out for Shaker

Hood has been cut out for Shaker

Dave with Cut-Out hood piece

"Thumpr" Stage-1 Comp Cams

These have been "Removed"
The Brenspeed "Custom" Grind NSR Blower Comp Cams

Comp Cam Phasers

"Thumpr" Comp Cams & Phasers being installed

Stock Cams removed

"Thumpr" Stage-1 Comp Cams installed

Parts roll in

Brisk Racing spark plugs ready to go in

MSD Coil Kit

MSD Coils ready to go in

MSD Coils installed

MSD Coils installed

Moser Axles, Eaton Posi unit, etc. on table

Moser Axles ready for install

Dave with Eaton Posi ready to install

Stock Posi unit removed

Stock Posi Unit on cart

Eaton Posi unit

Eaton Posi Unit

Eaton Posi Unit installed with Yellow Marker to set Depth

Moser Axles installed

Mike with Kooks Header to install

Mike holding Kooks Catted High-Flow H-Pipe to install

Kooks Header seen from engine bay

Complete Kooks Catted High-Flow H-Pipe installed W/Headers

Stock Lower Control Arm

Mike installing BMR Billet Lower control arm

BMR Panhard Bar relocation bracket

Mike carrying Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar

Moser Axles, Eaton Posi, Steeda Heavy Duty Panhard Bar Brace
installed. Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar hanging down

Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar, Eaton Posi Unit, FRPP Reinforced
Differental Cover, Moser Axles all installed

Dave Removed Stock fuel pump

Dave installing FRPP GT500 Fuel Pump Assembly

Dave holding the Complete wiring harness to the GT500 Fuel Pump

GT500 Fuel Pump Wiring routed into Passenger side footwell for install

MSD Coils installed and notice wiring harness on right. That is
where the New electronics are tied into. Stock intake is removed

Mike with stock intake removed and Steeda "Billet" Plates still installed underneath

Saleen Supercharger still in boxes

Saleen Stage-3 + Blower assembly

Saleen with Top Section removed for Shaker install

Look at the Pulley on the "Left" compared to the 3.2 pulley on the
"Right" installed. The 3.2 is rated at 11.5 Lbs. boost.

Mike (Left) & Todd (Right) ready to sit Saleen Shaker in place.

Mike, positioning Super-Shaker

Saleen Supershaker in place & wiring is completed on right side

FRPP 39 Lb Ford Racing Injectors on cart ready to be installed

FRPP 39 Lb Racing Injectors W/Fuel Rails being installed

Steeda Upgrade Belt Tensioner W/Billet Wheel

Steeda Upgrade Belt Tensioner W/Billet Wheel

Steeda Upgrade Belt Tensioner W/Billet Wheel & V/10 Over Size Water Pump Pulley installed

Latest Saleen Supershaker

Latest Saleen Supershaker

Latest Saleen Supershaker

This Bracket in Front was "Made" by Dave because this Saleen
Blower is so New the Bracket shipped was incorrect. Dave made the
"Bracket" at the Shop and it looked like it came from Saleen. (Perfect) !!!

Saleen Supershaker upper parts installed (Red is Filter Cover for Rain)

MRT "Black" hood struts, Red Top Optima Battery & Top on Shaker

UPR oil catch can (Stainless)

Mike, is stripping the tape off & instaling 3M "Wider-Tape" to the
Shaker Hood Trim

This is the 3M Wide Tape & Automotive Adhesion Promoter he uses

New 3M Wide Tape installed on Hood Trim piece

Mike installing Shaker Hood trim piece after cleaning with "Promoter"

Silverhorse Racing Black Billet Fuel Door installed

Billet Hood Pins W/No-Logo

Billet Hood Pins W/No-Logo Dave doing the "Drilling". Mike holding
the hood Steady. This was a very time consuming operation.

Mike finishing with drilling the final 8-Holes and using Blue Loctite
on screws so they would not back out. (Opinion) I would not do these at home.

Mike installing the Steeda Upgrade Heat Exchanger

Inner fender covers removed for Steeda Heat Exchanger install

Steeda Upgraded Heat Exchanger installed, 160 Degree Thermostat,
Royal Purple Ice

Mike starting to install the Autometer A/F, Fuel Pressure, Boost
Gauge & Raptor Shift Light

Here is a pic of the back side of the Gauges showing all the wires

Drivers side where the Gauges wire gets hooked up. A lot of wire.
All wiring is "Soldered" & Heat Shrink Tubing used.

Inside drivers door showing wiring to be connected, soldered

All Gauges/Raptor Shift Light installed. Mike took the time to set my
dash lights the exact Blue-Color the New Gauges were. He also
hooked them up to the (Dimmer) for night driving.

Bullitt was Test Driven & then Fans were put
underneath to "Cool" it down
for next install

Saleen came in for some added (Power) & Brake Upgrade.
Bullitt is waiting for "Lunch-Break" to end

Mike is dropping the transmission to install the
(Spec Stage-2 + Clutch) & (Spec Steel Flywheel)

Transmission, Dynotech 3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft is out.
New Spec Stage-2 + Clutch & Steel Flywheel
being installed

Spec-2 + Clutch, Rated at 669 Lbs. Torque, Pressure Plate, & Steel Flywheel ready for install

Spec Steel Flywheel installed

Spec Clutch Disc installed

Spec Pressure Plate installed

CHE Torque Limiting Brace

CHE Torque Limiting Brace, Kooks Headers W/High Flow Cats, H-Pipe from underneath

BMR Front Driveshaft Loop installed

BMR Front Driveshaft Loop Installed

Chandler installing the Saleen Valve Stem Caps (Match Supershaker)

Todd hooking Bullitt up for Brent (Mr. BRENSPEED) to do Dyno Runs

Bullitt Locked in Place on Dyno by "Todd" the Main-Man !!!

Brent with Laptop in hand
and setting Dyno Computer up
for Pulls

Inside Bullitt looking at Tuner, Laptop etc.
Next Picture will be "Close-Up" of Laptop Screen

"Close-Up" of Laptop Screen

Brent in Bullitt now doing the Dyno-Runs

Major Wide-Screen Display to view from outside Dyno Room
through Multiple Windows

My Bullitt on 1-Dyno Run

Last Pull on Dyno is in "RED" on Graph

Print out from Last Dyno Pull

This is an overlay showing the (Flywheel Horsepower) in "Yellow".
This is what you (Usually) read in Magazines on all vehicles like the
Shelby GT500, SS Camaro, SRT8 Challeger, Charger etc.
Gives you an idea of just how STRONG this 2008 Bullitt Mustang is.

Here are the things I did "Before" I went to BRENSPEED in
Preparation for the (Increased-Power).
Custom Limited Edition Plate along with Strut-Tower-Brace
has been Removed
Here is the New Custom Plate

Custom Plate fits right in
the Rectangle Box

New Tires that are the Exact same ones that came on the GT500

Painted for 1-week underneath every Rusted place I could find. It
was so HOT I had to cover up to keep from Scorching my Legs on
Top and Bottom against Asphalt Driveway.

Installed H&R Hub Centric 25MM Front & Rear Wheel Spacers.

The rear spacers go on with (No-Problem) & Wheels fit Great
But the Front Spacers fit okey but you have to "Cut" Off your
existing 5-Wheel Studs. They stick out to "Far". This is how you
should do the cutting. High Speed Dremel Tool W/Cutting Blade.
Look at this Pic and notice I left the Wheel-Lugs on next to the
Lug I was Cutting-Off. This way No-Messed up Threads.

Here are the Pieces that were Cut-Off. Notice they are different

This pic shows the Finished Product. After cutting those Lugs off.
You have to then use the Dremel with a Grinding-Wheel. To make
all the Cut-Off-Studs as close as possible to the same (Length).
You, Do-Not actually Cut or Grind any of the (Threads). You are
only working with the end of the studs before you get to the
Threads. Takes time but (Not-Hard) to do.

I sent my 2-Back Stock Wheels to James at Weldcraft to have them
(Widened). They were 8.5" stock and they added 1.5" to make them
10" Wide. Shelby GT500 has 9.5" Wheels Front & Rear.
I know many of you are interested in this so you can retain the
Stock Wheels, so here are many Pics of the Widened Wheels.

Here are the 2-Rear wheels Mounted & Balanced
This one took only 1-Weight

This one took 2-Small Weights

Here is the (Front-Side) of the Wheels as I removed them from the
Very-Well-Packed Box.
Notice, Not a Mark, Period !!!

Here are 2-Pics of the Box they came back in.
They were (Double-Boxed) and then had Bubble-Wrap.

Here are 3-Pics of the Rear of my Bullitt.
I changed the Fake Gas Cap to a
(Silverhorse Racing Black Billet Trunk Emblem).
I Added the (Silverhorse Racing Black Honeycomb Taillight Panel) to
match the Front. BRENSPEED then Added the (Silverhorse Racing
Billet Fuel Door).



Here is a Pic of My-Bullitt sitting outside for Months while doing
the above changes.

The Bullitt with "Giant tiger Claws"
ready to leave on Saturday

Al & His Son Aaron the morning we are leaving

Tiger in Front, Chandler on Left, Rick on Right
the Saturday Morning I left

The New "Bullitt-Mustang"
The BRENSPEED Saleen Supershaker
Modded Makeover

I really hope the ones Seeing & Reading this Post find it
informative as well as interesting. My wish is to "Provide"
those of you with Limited Performance Knowledge a
"Resource" here that is (Factual).

Happy-Modding Everyone ..........

The-End !!!

Terry Honaker aka "tigerhonaker"
Here is the "Action" Video
Just returned from BRENSPEED
this Purchase & Install

Service replacement for the 2008 Mustang FR500CJ race car

Fits in factory location on 2007-2009 SVT Mustang
Twin 63.5mm bore (stock SVT Mustang is twin 60mm)
Tested to over 800 hp in 2007-2009 SVT Mustang applications
Precision machined from billet aluminum to ensure consistency
Polished finish with machined Ford Racing logo
Tested to Ford original equipment specifications for cold and hot weather
Fully assembled, complete with throttle position sensor and actuator motor, ready to bolt on!
Uses OE gears to prevent gear bind and wear common with other aftermarket throttle bodies
Does not include calibration, calibration may be required in some applications

Mike tearing it down

Top of Saleen Supershaker off

Stock Throttle Body Removed

Stock Throttle Body on Table

Here are Both the Stock & New FRPP
Throttle Bodies Pics

Mike, installing the New FRPP Throttle Body

FRPP Installed

Mike, installing top of Supershaker

Mike completed install & Loaded New Tune.
Here I am arriving at Comfort Inn
Bullitt W/Brenspeed Cover on

Next morning getting ready to pull
cover off & Leave

This is interesting I think. These Pics were taken
by a former Ford Engineer that was traveling.
He saw the Bullitt the night before and
was waiting when I came out to leave.
I started it up to let it Warm-Up and
when I came back out he was checking the
Bullitt out.
He shot these Pics and was Excited over the way
the Bullitt now Sounded and the New
H/P & Torque figures.

I drove back to BRENSPEED Performance and
waited for Dyno Don to show-up from
Indianapois, IN.
He was going to drive the Bullitt back and
then feed me at The Crackle Barrel
Here's Don getting the 08 Bullitt Keys
Good Times !!!

From trying to follow Don on the way to Indianapolis, IN. I think he was having
a Great time. :smile: Or it certainly Sounded like it from where I was sitting. :lol:
He will have to tell what He thought.


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Wow. You hit the lotto or something?

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That's an OUTSTANDING, mean-but-still-stealthy-looking Bullitt you've got there, Terry!

Congratulations on making it happen... just the way you wanted it!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

I look forward to seeing the video tomorrow. :) :) :)



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I'm Highland Green with envy, Terry!


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So Terry, just so we're clear - You're not keeping the B stock?:wink:

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Terry, that is awesome!:eek: Thanks for all of the pictures -- they add a lot of insight into what all is involved. I guess the Bullitt is now officially a keeper!?:badgrin:

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SteveNYC said:
That's an OUTSTANDING, mean-but-still-stealthy-looking Bullitt you've got there, Terry!

Congratulations on making it happen... just the way you wanted it!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

I look forward to seeing the video tomorrow. :) :) :)


Hi Steve,

Yes, it will be Posted tomorrow with the Link to the Video.

Well worth dropping back by to See & Hear I (Assure-You). :smile:


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:clap::clap: My GAWED terry that is absolutely awesome, great numbers. :clap::clap:
Hello Mike,

I thought you might enjoy seeing & reading the Post.

The numbers are A-OK I think for a Street-Bullitt :badgrin: :badgrin: :badgrin:

The Video Link will be Posted tomorrow sometime.

Be sure to check back to "Post # 1" to see if I have added it.


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j0eyabs said:
Does this mean your Steeda Underdrive Pullies are now for sale?
Hi Mike,

Actually they were not mine to sell.

But Al's Son, Aaron purchased them and the Steeda "Billet" Delete Plates from BRENSPEED.
He is going to do some Performance Mods to his New Shelby GT this coming summer.
So, he is in the process of gathering his parts as money allows.

Al on Left, Aaron his Son on Right.


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...why would you cut the wheel studs? wheels have indents in them...I have never seen anyone else had to cut them putting adapters on

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Hey Terry very nice.. very very nice... but, I gotta ask as I am sure you are well aware.. you are dangerously close to the limits of the stock rotating assembly with your new setup there. What are your plans for when you throw something? With over 500 Horses and 11.5 PSI it is like a ticking bomb.

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Dodging Bullitt said:


I have a smile a mile wide across my face just looking at your pictures - I can't imagine how wide your smile must be! Thanks for sharing the creation of your dream car! Wishing you a million miles of fun! :clap:
Hi Al,

Thank you kind Sir. :)

I "Appreciate" your thoughtful comments.

I have not really opened it up at all as of yet.

I was given some instructions on breaking in the New Spec 2 + Clutch & Steel Flywheel.

So, I am following those by the number.

Don't forget to drop back by tomorrow to see the "ACTION" Video when I Add it to the #1 Post.

Thanks again, Pal.

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