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1/4 mile rims arrived last night.

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Got home from and sitting on my porch were the ARE 767 rims. Both rims were 83 bucks to the door from Summitt. Jack the car up to make sure the backspacing was good and it is. They sit just inside the fenderwall just like the factory rims fit. So that means they do not stick out and the rims measure 15-8. The tire I am going with is the Bf goodrich 235/60/15. After a lot of thought I decided to go with this tire mainly because it has alot of sidewall and it measures 8 inches wide. The nitto 275/40/15 I currently have on the car measure 10.5 and they are just a little to wide for a mostly stock Bullitt. I will be going to the track within the next month to get numbers. But I have a feeling with this tire it will match perfectly with the Bullitts stock hp. Ray thanks for making me think about tire width your right a 10 inch tire is just a little to much for a stock bullitt.
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Nomad, Nomad, Nomad :grin: Despite popular belief, if you get a car to hook that well, you can do damage to the torque boxes. It all depends on the car and how the spot welder hit them. I have seen 9 second Mustangs with a cage that never had any problems. I have also seen a car that made a total of two 12 seconds passes totally munch the torque boxes. The better the car is tied together the less chance of this happening.

You're doing the rear seat delete thing right? While doing that, get a set of Battle Boxes from Wild Rides. I was so concerned with it on my 88 coupe that I totally plated the upper and lower boxes. There aren't any good pics of the Battle Boxes from underneath (the controll arms are in the way) but they are in there.
Nomad, I haven't done the torque boxes in the Bullitt. But I believe I would before I got too serious... like running on slicks.

Ray, the cover is a Granatelli I believe, like this I got it from when they had the really good coupon deals. Think I paid like $115 for it. I think it would work on the Bullitt, but then again, I haven't tried it.

BTW, NMRA is racing at Bradenton this year. Fun Ford is in Orlando next weekend.

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You and Ray should come up next weekend for Fun Ford :smile:

Actually my first 5.0 was a black LX Hatch. I ordered it in May 1987. It blew up in 1994. I still have it, it's sitting outside at a friends house :sad: Meanwhile the coupe you see in that webshots album, on the right with a view of the rear is his car. He's been talking about selling it. I sure hope he does, my 87 doesn't need to be sitting outside any longer than it has to. The coupe sitting to the left at the rear of the shop is mine. It was originally a 4 cylinder car. I haven't worked on it since I got the 2001.

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