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1/4 mile rims arrived last night.

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Got home from and sitting on my porch were the ARE 767 rims. Both rims were 83 bucks to the door from Summitt. Jack the car up to make sure the backspacing was good and it is. They sit just inside the fenderwall just like the factory rims fit. So that means they do not stick out and the rims measure 15-8. The tire I am going with is the Bf goodrich 235/60/15. After a lot of thought I decided to go with this tire mainly because it has alot of sidewall and it measures 8 inches wide. The nitto 275/40/15 I currently have on the car measure 10.5 and they are just a little to wide for a mostly stock Bullitt. I will be going to the track within the next month to get numbers. But I have a feeling with this tire it will match perfectly with the Bullitts stock hp. Ray thanks for making me think about tire width your right a 10 inch tire is just a little to much for a stock bullitt.
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Thanks man now for some 5500 rpm launches. Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
3800-4000 to low man. My bullitt has been down the 1/4 mile well over a 100 times. I live out in homestead FL there are two strips of land out here buy a public dump me and friends that have mustang run our cars out there for years. My bullitt currently has only 3000 miles and feels tight as a frog ass. When the car had 300 miles I borrowed a buddies sportmans pro and was launching around 5000 grand. We use VHT and all its the real deal. Ya I know its not legal but the nearest track around here is almost 2 hours away. Torque boxes man my car dosent have the power to break those I wish it did.
Well I understang your point completely. I have owned 87,91,93 lx coupes. As well a 2000 gt and now the Bullitt. All my cars are run hard from the get go. As former heavyline ford automatic transmission mechanic I completey know the undersides of the fox and the sn-95. As for the torx boxes your right some cars brake and some cars hold up for ever. Just like some of the Bullitts have lots of problems and some dont. 01gtb did you do your boxes as well
Ray the rims are heavy 27 pounds a piece. I would image they weigh the same as stock bullitts
Ya there pretty basic rims. They are painted all black they kinda look mean on the car. The rims are real popular with truck owners. Oh ya Ray are you going to the Fun Ford event in Bradenton. Let me know I might make the trip up there to check it out. I also might be changing jobs to to the St pete, Tampa area. I like that area alot it seems to have 4 tracks around there. I wont tell my girlfriend about that though.
Yep 8,9,10. Well maybe some day we can all meet up at a neutral track so the distance wont be to far.Hey 01 at least they put the subframes on the Bullitt they also help a little. 01 also since we both owned LX coupes was that the reason you bought the bullitt. To me the bullitt looks like the old LX coupes its doesnt have a wing, or hatch. I would love to see the Bullitt with skinnies on the front and fat tires in the back.
On 2002-02-24 22:26, Mus408 wrote:
NOMAD,I think you will break the stock 28 spline axles before you do in the torque boxes! They have been known to break with drag radials.I know of a guy in Maryland who broke two pair,on Nitto DRs,with a 98 GT,13.9 sec. car!

I have had 7 late model mustangs and ran them all on slicks,hoosiers,sportsman pros, nittos you name it and have never broken a axle. Probably because all of the cars have run in the low 13 teens. I never spray them or have used power adders.
Ya I here ya. Sometimes cars break and sometimes they stay together forever. Slicks are very hard on cars, especially the drivetrain. Drag radials have some give, when you launch at a high rpm. At least Ford gave us the subframes.
Are you sure those rims will fit on the Bullitt or are you switching to GT front brakes. Yesterday I did the battery relocating to the trunk. The front sway is allready off so I figure between the two that 50 pounds off the front end. The BF goodrich drag radials tires came in as well. I had a friend mount them, I have a feeling these tires are going to hook hard.
Ya they will be broken in by then. Oh ya Ray when you changed to the GT brakes did you just change the rotors or the calipers as well.
Well a little thing called money is keeping me from buying aftermarket axles. Hopefully after I put the 4.10's in this will remove a little stress on the rear end.
Ahhh ya. So whats the point.
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