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1007 takes a 1st place at local car show

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Thats right another 1st. It's been a great weekend.
There was 5 other late model mustangs in my class.
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Which class did you enter your Bullitt Jimmy Ray?
Congrats Jimmy Ray and Kay!!

The catsmasher-mobile went to a car show in Indy a few weeks back. We had the Bullitt in the 'participant's choice' category. That's where the other show participants vote for their favorite cars. We showed up 15 minutes after the voting was supposed to have been over (I couldn't get the CatSmashin clan going that morning). I figured we were out of the running and went on to enjoy the show. Imagine my surprise when he called my name and I had won third place with the Bullitt. It I had showed up earlier, we may have walked away with first.

People really like the Bullitt, folks! We got sumpin real special!

The CatSmasher

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Way to go!! One day I will get my name in the bright lights........:smile::):):)
Thanks guy's. The class I enterd was the 83 Mustang to present.
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