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10bullitt has passed away

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It's with regret that I inform the club of the passing of one of the biggest Mustang and Bullitt supporters that I knew of. Chris Lindberg (10bullitt) died on Wednesday night. Chris was a part of many Mustang launches at DAP and owned and regularly raced his Bullitt (hard and fast I would add). He was involved in many Ford and Mustang specific events as both a volunteer and participant. He'll be missed by all. Below is a note sent to fellow Team Mustang members and co-workers from Art Hyde last week.

"Chris Lindberg had a sudden heart attack and passed away as he was going to sleep last night. Chris had been part of the Mustang Quality team for several years before moving down to Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering at Dearborn Assembly. Chris made big contributions to the 1999 Mustang launch team, the 2001 Bullitt, the 2003 Mach 1, the Woodward Dream Cruise events for 2001-2 and the Ford 100th Celebration Mustang events. Additionally, I think Chris has the distinction of achieving the highest F-Stock class finish (3rd) for a Mustang in Solo Nationals at Topeka during the last 10 years. The last day I saw him was the final day of production at Dearborn Assembly when he took the Directors of the Mustang Club of America on a final tour. He was gracious, enthusiastic and helpful as always.

Chris was 42 years old and is suceeded by 2 children.

Focus on Customers and Shareholders
Art Hyde
Team Mustang forever..."
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Thank you for sharing the news Nick. :cry: Very sad, very sad indeed. :sad:
:cry: :cry:
:cry: :cry:
Once again, my condolences to the Lindberg family. Having spoken to Chris about his road racing and passion of the Mustang he will surely be missed by his family as well as his "extended" Mustang family.
Thanks for the info on this one Mr. T and Lt. Frank. I appreciate you keeping us in the loop.

All the best to Chris' family and co-workers. :sad:

Condolences to Chris' family. Having met Chris at the 100th, I could see his passion for the Mustang. It is people like him that helped instill the enthusiasm we have for the Bullitt. Thanks for all your contributions, Chris. May God bless your family in this difficult time.
thanks Nick and Lt Frank
my sympathies to his family and friends.
i never had the pleasure but every single person here at IMBOC that i've heard from that got a chance to meet and spend time with Chris seems to feel VERY strongly that he was a top notch person in addition to being a complete Mustang enthusiast.
thanks for letting us know!

The Mustang family lost a great member. I always looked forward to seeing Chris at different events to see how the Bullitt was doing in the races. He will be missed by all those that knew him.

I was shocked when I heard the news. I am grateful for the opportunities to interact with him. His memory lives on in my car, as I was fortunate to have him sign the trunk lid of my vehicle.

My thoughts and prayers to his family...
My deepest condolences to the friends and family. May God's hand comfort you during this time. My heart is truly with you,as I lost my brother Fred back in June. he was an dedicated member of this club. And now I know he has a good friend to talk mustangs with as they share thier time in paradise. Rest in peace.
Rest in peace Chris, and God comfort your family.
Our prayers go out to his friends and family.
Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear that. Like others , meet him at the Ford 100. Way to young.
Thany you for posting the nwws for us.
Chris was a wonderful guy and will be missed. His family will be in our thoughts and prayers.
This is very sad , I had the chance to talk to him at the ford 100, he also came down to a bullitt/mach1 meet at cincy. Very nice person this is truely a loss . ChrisBullitt3975
Godspeed, Chris. My heart goes out to the Lindberg family. :sad:
My condolences...

May God Bless him and his family...

-The Tenerelli's
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