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Here are a couple pics I snapped of the car "gathering" last night in Springboro, OH. MY oldest noticed a True Blue turning in to the parking lot, so we chased it and got to park next to it (the place was packed!). We hadn't really planned on parking at the show, but I had to once I saw 4551. :smile:

Met Bill and Pam (I think I got the names right), the very new owners of 4551 (they just bought it Friday night). They had mentioned that a local dealer, Interstate Ford had 4 Bullitts on Thursday, and now there are NONE. They also mentioned that one of the Bullitts that they sold was totalled by the owner soon after he got it (he was drunk). They didn't know the number.

I'll put some of the other interesting pics from the show in "Nadda Bullitt" in a few.


DHG 1161

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