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I got $14500.00. I lost a few hundred but I had fun while I had it. I found myself less interested in it and more interested in my Bullitt. Mt next purchase will be to find a nice daily driver (with air) so that the Bullitt will not get so many miles. I am up to about 7500 miles with no problems. I really feel my Bullitt is my future collector car that I have always wanted. I put a lot of miles on my daily driver due to the work I do. The Bullitt has been my daily driver since May 7th. I still love it more than any car I have owned and believe me I have owned quite a few. FYI, I still have the 1969 Chrysler 300 in my driveway. I sold it to a guy in Germany and he has made no effort to pick it up although he paid me for it a long time ago. He says he is not worried about it. It must be nice to have that kind of money and not worry about it.
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