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2 tech questions.

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1. What effect does parking on an incline have on engine components during cold startup? Does oil drain out of vital areas parked like this?

2. What effect does having a spark plug over gapped? Whoever put plugs in my Taurus last, gapped them at the DOHC gap (.55) Mine is the OHV (.44.)
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As for 1- Shouldn't have any effect at all. Unless you leave it for like a year. The majority of the oil will drain to the oil pan, but will leave a residual film. That is all that is needed for startup. But I would let it idle for a few moments once you do start it.

But 2- it will make the fuel mileage go down. You just can't get a good burn. If the ignition is not set up for such a large spark gap, you may not be burning fuel as effectively.
Thanks Marc.

The best mileage up to this point has been about 26 on the highway (cruise set at 65, a/c only after lunch.) I'm curious to see what it will be now. I replaced wires as well, but they really didn't look that bad.

BTW, whoever designed that wire router for the rear 3 needs to be shot! :lol:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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