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2000 Cobra R hood??

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I need some opinions on which 2000 Cobra R hood I should buy.
Either the Ford Racing one or the VIS one:

Ford Racing:
* Similar to the original 2000 Cobra “R” hood except manufactured from steel-reinforced fiberglass
* Top-quality hand laminated fiberglass
* Bolts to stock hood hinges and uses stock hood latch
* Fits 1999-04 Mustang and 1999-01 Cobra
* 12 lbs. lighter than production Cobra "R" model hood
* Must be fitted and painted to match color of car


The VIS is a Fiberglass hood with cutouts for venting.


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IMHO go for the ford racing hood. If memory serves this geezer right HO fibertrends did the OEMs for the 2000 Rs, they also did the hoods for the 95 Rs. HO did the ford racing ones also.
Yeah... I'm going with Ford. I asked this to some 2000 Cobra R owners and they said the same thing.

5260 will be transformed to "my" Bullitt with all the originals keep fro that person 40 years from now that might want to put it back to stock.

I am righting checks and making purchases to build up my mod list until I take it to a shop to install. Although I am getting excited about new additions in storage in my garage, I am getting a little antsy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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