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2001 True Blue Bullitt FOR SALE 59,100 miles $14,800

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I am selling my ‘01 Bullitt. I’ve owned it for 2 years, I am the 3rd owner but the second owner only had it for a month. When I got it it had 47,000 miles. It wasn’t my daily driver for the first year but after life events it became my daily. It’s killing me to see the miles rack up so it’s time to let it go so I can get something else. The car is completely stock other than I’ve replaced the headlights and added LED bulbs and I put the American Muscle wheels with the Mickey Thompson tires not quite a year ago. I replaced the shocks and struts at that time as well. Within the past few weeks I changed the transmission fluid. I went with the Amsoil, buttery smooth shifts now. I also changed the rear end oil. This car runs great, I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere. The check engine light is on because of the unable to bleed fuel tank code. I haven’t got around to fixing that yet. The paint shines like new but there are some scratches and dings and the front bumper has a spot with the paint gone. See pics. Call or text. 870-926-6128. Located in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
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Carvana just offered me $13,300 so if no one can beat that, I’m going to let them have it in the next day or so.
Thanks, I just checked with Carvana on my '01 black Bullitt with 55K and they offered me $13,200. Don't know if I'll sell but it's good to know what a potential value is.
Yeah, it makes me feel a lot better about how much I was asking. Especially with several people telling me I was way to high. Bullitt’s are holding/gaining value!
Yeah, I was asking 13.5K locally a month or so ago, testing the waters, so the 13.2K offer didn't really surprise me. I've got my eye on a nice DHG car with less miles on it than this car, but I haven't looked at it yet. It will require a plane ride or a long road trip.
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