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Is it possible the Terminator will be the R? I was under the impression that all Cobras would be "Terminators" supercharged 4.6's. Maybe not. If they are gonna ship 100 to Australia, sounds to me like they may be what they are talking about. The added HP sounds like a computer/pulley adjustment :grin:

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Here is what a guy at the 2000 Cobra R forum came back with to me:

my post:
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Thanks to Frank McKnight from the International SN95 Late Model Mustang Owners Club & Registry, we’ve learned that Ford of Australia has received its first 2002 Cobras, which have been converted from left-hand drive to right-hand drive. Also, the fog lights have been imbedded into the front bumper (which actually looks more aggressive than the American versions) and turning lights have been added above the Cobra logo on the fender due to Australian safety regulations. According to McKnight, "Because of the tariff taxes and the required redesigns, the price tag for the Cobra in Australia is $90,000, compared to $4l,000 in the USA." In the spring, Ford of Australia will reportedly receive 100 right-hand drive Cobra Rs, which will be renamed Cobra RA (for Australia) with 457 horsepower compared to 385 for the US. Also, McKnight has learned from Michigan club members that the 2002 Cobra Terminator will possibly be unveiled at the Chicago International Auto Show on February 6-10, and that rumors have the Mach 1 coming out mid-summer 2002 as a 2002 or 2003 model.

I am confused about the info on the Cobra R and Cobra RA. It doesn't mean that there is a 2002 Cobra R going to Australia does it?


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No... without getting into the bashing over on BON... that article is stupid (no offense)

Australia is 1 year behind us... they recieved the '99 Cobra's in 2000

They are now recieving '01 Cobras... which are '02's over there... but they don't have MACH1000 or anything like that... they are a US '01 if you will.

The Cobra RA is a convertible modified REGULAR Cobra... not an R...


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