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2007 Bullitt Nationals Location and Event Info

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The 2007 Bullitt Nationals will be held 14-17 June 2007 in Tulsa, OK. We will hold it in conjunction with the Mid America Performance Ford and Shelby Meet. Hear is a list of some of the events. festivities
  • 3 Days of Open Track @ Hallett Motor Racing Circuit
  • 1 Day of Drag Racing @ The Tulsa Raceway Park
  • Gigantic All-Ford Parts Swap Every Day at each location of the Meet
  • All-Ford Super Car Show Sponsored by Classic Designs Concepts, Inc. @ the Tulsa Southern Hills Marriott
  • All Ford Powered Cars Welcome
For more info on the meet go to:

We hope to have hotel arrangements by September. We have to book early as there usually is not a hotel to be found around Tulsa that weekend. Several of our members have attended and it is a real class act. The organizers are thrilled to have us be a part of their event! Jim Hicks is one of the organizers and his son purchased Austin Craig's Bullitt!!

Driving distances from select cities:

Cincinnati, OH 744.5 miles
San Antonio, TX 529.9 miles
Richmond, VA 1215.0 miles
Orlando, FL 1224.9 miles
New York City, NY 1342.2 miles
Denver, CO 688.7 miles
Los Angeles, CA 1474.8 miles
Toronto, CAN 1186.7 miles
Salt Lake City, UT 1214.9 miles
Detroit, MI 944.6 miles
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okay, so if i was to reserve a hotel room up there from say... next week until 07 Nats (gotta be the first one there this time to make up for missing SanFran!! :grin:) it would be... hmmmm... $23,643.18... okay, just gotta sell ONE organ to pay for that, i got two kidneys, no need to keep 'em both, right? then i can sell one lung for the money to cover food and expenses, then... maybe it would be easier to just get ready for next year, huh?

Count me and Lynn in on this one gang, See ya'll there next year!!

cam, you'd better be there!! if I can make the run from Columbus, GA, you can handle that short trip... gotta reunite the 05 Nats trio of shaun/cam/kurt again!!

811 from columbus, GA, over a thousand for anyone in FLA... so the southeastern folks have a tip to make too, gotta agree with droopy here (and not trying to start a fight on this) this is about as central as we can get... SanFran was a special occasion, being the five year anniversary of the cars, and the old movie location, etc, etc, etc... a special event might pop up in NY one year in the future, or even Michigan, and i could see the Nats organizers deciding they want to hold it there for such a reason, but mid-country is about the best compromise i can see the event staff making to please the majority...

besides, is 945 all that long? time flies when you're in fifth gear in a convoy, right? :grin:

is it just me, or do you guys and gals keep wishing it was june 1st?

i heard some song called "Living On Tulsa Time" on a country station the other day, riding through backwoods GA, practially made me shiver with anticipation!!! 07 NATS, HURRY UP AND GET HERE QUICK!!!!!

if things work out, wife and I will leave VERY early thursday morning, do the whole shebang in one day, but depending on where ya'll stop on wed night during the trip, we might just hit your locale around your depart time and we can convoy the latter half of the trip with a whole freakin' line of Bullitts!!!

1 - 5 of 87 Posts
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