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2007 Bullitt Nationals Web Site UP!!!!!

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2007 Nationals web site is up!! Hotel info should be available soon!
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No problem ask away! Registration is to cover some of the costs involved with putting on the event. While you are registering you can also pre purchase your Bullitt Nationals T-Shirt. There is also a survey with additional info we will need to plan the event. The $6 is for the car not individual people.
5 registered in less than 24 hours!!! Getting the party started early!!!
Woo Hoo! Sound like another convoy! One from the east and one from the west!!
The host is having issues. Should be back up soon. Go here to register for now.
Site is back up!!! There is an awful lot of GREEN on the attendee list!!
To all,

The entry is per car not per person.
Everyone is welcome!! Come on down!! It is after all a Mid America Ford Performance Meet.
1 - 8 of 31 Posts
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