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Well all it seems that my wife and I are expecting 2 bundles of joy instead of 1. I am leaning very hard on the idea of letting my baby go.... I need a big people mover as I already have a little one and a big ole dog. So if anybody is interested let me know. She just turned 1k miles had her first oil change (mobil one of course) She has never seen a drop of rain has enough wax on her that Mothers wanted to sponsor her. She's loaded, Shaker 1000, HID heads, ambient lighting. And yes both sets of wheels will be going with her as will a nice new car cover. The new tires have less than 100 miles on them. I will not take less than 29k for her. No mods she is totally stock except for the wheels and tires. Let me know.

You can E-mail me at davidbrunton6 at the ya to the hoo:frown:
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