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2009 Challenger sighting!

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Well, I'm cruising down Scatterfield (SR 9) in Anderson, IN in the 2001 when I see a hemi orange 2009 Challenger on a delivery truck passing me... guys, that is one gorgeous car. I don't like the huge wheels, small rubber, though. I just thought I'd let you all know!
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Because they are being built u[ here north of the border and about 45 minutes from my house I see them all the time on carriers. Yes, they are a pretty sexy looking car.


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At this point aren't they all 2008 SRT8s?

I didn't think they build the '09s until after September.
Yes the Challenger is a good looking vehicle but I think they are asking a totally insane amount of money for the darn thing. Right now I think we're just seeing the 2008's with an MSRP of $40,095 the dealer markup (Market driven they say) is about double that. Cheapest 08' SRT8 Challenger I've seen the dealer was asking $79K!

I almost get the feeling that Dodge is holding off on releasing the base V6 and the 5.7L Hemi powered R/T to build the hype. But looking at the Dodge website those versions of the Challenger will be 2009s.

Personally I was considering the Challenger R/T with a 6-speed but was so annoyed with Dodge that after some recent articles & comparisons between the two I decided that the Bullitt was the better bargain.
Better Bargain is only less than 33% of the equation. 67% is that the Bullitt is the better car, and that is by the numbers. 0-60 isn't everything, nor is the 1/4 mile. You have to live with the beast, and the Bullitt has the late comers beat in liveability. All the mags fawn over the latest and greatest models. But if you read the true results, it's right there in front of you, the Ford product is the better car. Just my $.02 of course... ;-)

Remember, I am truly unbiased. :rolleyes:I don't have a dog in that fight. I own the 01 Bullitt, and the competition was non-existent back when it came out.
Hi Guys,
I have seen several here in Michigan. I saw one at a gas station so I turned the Bullitt in and parked it next to the Challenger for a comparison. That is one biga$$ car.
beached whale
Well, the race car builders won't have to stretch the body to fit on the funny car chassis!!
cdynaco said:
Jumping whale

JC2954 said:

those tires have gotta be screamin' for mercy right about now! :lol: :lol:
One reason I have an '08 Bullitt is the 3 years of development since '05 that others (Challenger & Camaro) don't have.
They are test mules and their owners, Mule Drivers.

Anyone can take off, landing's the hard part.
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Oh man looking at that poor 68 makes me cringe:shock:
I got a close up look the other day as a couple was towing one to Iowa City from Southern Missouri. I thought it looked good and not as big as I expected but then again my wife had a new Charger awhile back. If I had all the money in the world I would buy one but that would be the only way. Still it looked cool
I think they don't look quite as big painted BLACK, which was the one I saw. If I were to buy one it would be black. Actually I kind of liked the car but the price +
ADM is insane at the time.
Agreed the Challenger looks much better in Black. I've seen all three colors the SRT8 is offered in up close and have to admit that the Black one looks best.

Bue even so - they still look a heck of a lot heavier than the Bullitt.
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